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Reiki is a healing technique of transmitting life energy by placing the hands gently in specific positions either on or above the body. It is used to reduce stress and increase energy, peace and feelings of well-being. Reiki works on the energic level and can be used to treat nearly any physical or emotional ailment or simply for overall well-being.

There are meridians running through the body, lines of energy nourishing the organs and cells of the body. These are fed with energy from the seven Chakras. Reiki works to balance and align these Chakras and clear any blockages.

$ 65 per one hour session

Prepaid package

$ 220 for 4 one hour sessions

($ 40 saving)

$ 40 per half hour session

Distance Reiki also offered

Reiki is being embraced by members of the healthcare profession for the invaluable role it plays in boosting the immune system. Mount Sinai Hospital has a program in place to help patients in their recovery utilizing Yoga and Reiki, to name a few. Wellspring (a cancer support group) provide Reiki treatments to people living with cancer.

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