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I'm sure you've met someone for the first time and yet feel like you've known them all your life or had the feeling of Deja vu, which literally means already seen. Our subconscious carries experiences, attitudes and even the dynamics of our relationships from our past lives into our present lives.

Traumatic events from our past can be set off by situations in our present lives and these can be very disruptive and even overwhelming. By experiencing these events again through regression we are able to process the situations again and bring closure to the events of that lifetime thus freeing the blockages to our present life.

Perhaps we are re-experiencing happy and successful times purely for pleasure. Perhaps we are working through difficult times from past lives in order to free ourselves from troubling attitude patterns. Either way, Past Life Regression can be a very rewarding experience.

What could be more wonderful than being able to tap into past lessons in order to improve the quality of our present lives.

$150 per session

usually two hours

You may be concerned that you won't get a clear picture of your past life. It will be different for everyone. Some will get vivid details while others will get more in the way of impressions (i.e., hot or cold, smells, conversations around them, and even an intuitive gaining of knowledge). The important thing is to remain open and not go in with particular expectations.

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